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What is Ahli Fintech

Ahli Bank is a leading Jordanian financial institution, with a steeped national history and heritage, for over 63 years, the bank has been a leading player in the financial services industry in Jordan and beyond, providing banking services to retail, SME, and corporate customers. The bank established the AHLI FINTECH company in August 2017, making it the first FinTech company fully-owned by a licensed bank in Jordan.  The vision of AHLI FINTECH is to promote the FinTech ecosystem and establish itself as a regional hub for FinTech innovation.

The company is designed to develop FinTech talent through various activities and initiatives, including FinTech events, conferences, workshops and training sessions. The company offers FinTech innovators the opportunity to accelerate their business models by developing solutions on its Ahli Sandbox environment, with support from a global community of advisors, mentors, and partners. Join the Acceleration Program!

Why should you join?


We invest up to 200K USD and charge 30K USD for participation in the AHLI FINTECH Seed Program to help you get the initial funding you need to kick-off your business.


Need an introduction? We can connect you to other seasoned professionals within our global network, and reach out to our friends around the globe to introduce you to the right person, and for great opportunities to meet and pitch investors.


Get valuable insight from our community of +1000 Ahli Bank mentors, partners and vendors who will provide you with guidance and technical support to help you build, validate, and measure your FinTech business model.


Creating customer-facing applications with ease, with access to over 200+ APIs on our Ahli Sandbox environment; a self-contained, virtual testing environment that mimics the live production environment.


Get a dedicated workspace within our offices for 6 months, with access to our team for hands-on support to collaborate with you on your business, products, strategy, and growth.


We are the first FinTech company fully-owned by a licensed bank in Jordan, which provides you with direct access to real bank customers to pilot test and launch your FinTech applications, and access to all jurisdictions the bank operates in.


Once you pass the Central Bank of Jordan’s compliance review and Ahli Sandbox verification, you are migrated to the live environment and start running your application live with our customers, and of course, you become part of the Ahli Family.

Message from the CEO

The ability to leverage advanced 4th industrial revolution technologies such as Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, AR/VR, to name a few, has paved the way for a new breed of financial service providers. We seek out fintech startups with well-rounded and technically diverse founding teams that are ready to take on the fintech startup challenge.
Ghassan Muasher (Gus)
CEO | ahli fintech

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